That Doesn’t Work Anymore

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That Doesn’t Work Anymore: Retooling Investment Economics in the Age of Disruption

New technology, whether it be physical or just an idea, affects not only asset values, but also interest rates, stock valuations, barriers to entry, regression and correlation analysis, and more. That Doesn’t Work Anymore discusses how one can adapt traditional data to these changes, outlining ways to use newer and better tools to help you make good investment and business decisions. This book provides better methods for applying the information to investing, business, and even your career.

Praise for That Doesn’t Work Anymore

"My first speech on Wall Street in 1969 was titled The Best Investor Is a Social Scientist. After reading Bob's enlightening assessment of how to successfully navigate markets during this time of rapid transition and disruption, I'm confident that my thesis is as true today as it was then. That Doesn't Work Anymore is as valuable a tool for understanding how the world is changing as it is a guide for Investors, business leaders, and money managers to apply a broader scope and more rigor to work."

Michael Milken, Chairman, Milken Institute

"Kricheff explains why so many of the broadly used economic and financial tools need to be reconsidered in the face of rapid technological change. That Doesn't Work Anymore highlights the unique challenges that industries and companies face as technology changes the world-particularly in the emerging markets."

Eraj Shirvani, Credit Suisse AG, Vice Chairman-Emerging Markets

"An entertaining and enlightening book that expertly questions the status quo of investment economics during this present period of rapid technological innovation. Bob challenges core economic assumptions and provides a great, and often humorous, guide for navigating investments through an environment of constant disruption. Well done Bobby K!"

Patrick Dyson, Partner, GoldenTree Asset Management

"We are surrounded by data, and we must learn to use new forms of information to make better decisions. That Doesn't Work Any More illustrates how modern technology has changed the data we use, and the context for how we use it. This book is a helpful guide of novel ways to analyze the economy and our businesses."

Charles Rivkin, Chairman and CEO, Motion Picture Association of America

"Business in the 21st century requires a different lens to interpret trends and construct approaches to investment and management. That Doesn't Work Anymore is a splendid prism through which economic data and developments can be viewed and understood. Robert Kricheff has written a clear and concise volume that frames economic concepts in a contemporary light. It is easy to read with robust examples that enrich one's understanding of particular topics. His insights are entertaining and invaluable."

Robert I. Grossman, M.D., The Saul J. Farber Dean and Chief Executive Officer, NYU Langone Health