Founding Date

Kalshi is the first CFTC-regulated exchange dedicated to trading directly on the outcomes of future events. The developer of a new asset class, event contracts, and a financial exchange for trading on the outcome of events, Kalshi allows users to bet on various events and claim wins, enabling them to capitalize on their opinions and to trade i in the domain of everyday knowledge. Kalshi's markets cover a wide range of topics including e onomics, international affairs, media and entertainment, climate/weather, and public health. From politics to COVID to entertainment and more, you can now trade on real events that affect your everyday life.


  1. Buy Yes or No

  • Buy Yes if you think the event will happen and No if you don't

  1. Collect profits at settlement

  • When the outcome of the event becomes clear, you earn $1 for every correct position you own

  1. Or lock in profit early

  • Sell your contracts before the outcome of the event is known to lock in profit or minimize losses