Smonik Systems

Founding Date

Smonik is a financial software and consulting firm specializing in solutions for financial service and investment management industries. The company offers a platform of integrated solutions focused on improving efficiency and control in investment operations, and features enterprise-wide, real-time software solutions that deliver proven efficiencies to any data-intensive process. Smonik solutions are designed to simplify the implementation and ongoing use of products and offer the performance, scalability and flexibility needed to handle complex business problems. The company’s solutions are focused on improving operational controls and significantly increasing efficiency for investment management operations, providing software solutions for data management and the reconciliation and validation of financial data. Smonik solutions drive Straight Through Processing (STP) across the enterprise, reducing costs and operational risk while helping firms achieve their investment and performance goals.

  • Smonik Systems LLC provides PDF Extraction capabilities, Data Management, Data Retrieval, and Reconciliation primarily to investment firms.

  • The company's solutions can be implemented as independent solutions or in a wider integrated architecture providing greater control, visibility, and predictability.

  • The company works with firms that are looking to reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies within their back office operations.

  • They gather, manage, distribute and communicate information both internally and externally.

  • Smonik platform remains the most functional, technically advanced, highly configurable and broadly scalable system available for institutional investors.

Smonik Products

  • PDF Extraction Tool

  • Smonik Recon

  • Smonik DMS

  • Smonik SRP

Smonik Services

  • Holistic, Automated, Turn-key Data Management Solution

  • Specializing in the financial services sector and providing consulting services

  • A unique set of challenges, that is where Smonik’s experienced project management professionals make the difference

  • Experience in developing and maintaining hundreds of products for established companies, SMEs, and startups

  • Create and implement custom system integration solutions to streamline and automate data flow for business processes, improve performance, and access real-time data