Founding Date

Percent is a leading technology platform that enables investors, issuers and underwriters unparalleled access to the private credit market. As a global leader in financial infrastructure solutions, the platform aims to help corporate borrowers of any size secure and fulfill debt capital through technology. Founded in 2018, Percent is poised to become the global dominant infrastructure layer delivering debt capital with unprecedented levels of transparency and efficiency, facilitating a higher velocity of transaction at a fraction of a cost. Percent unlocks exclusive private credit investments for your portfolio, allowing you to access select alternative investments on the platform powering the future of private markets.


  • Percent's platform has been used to analyze billions in assets and issue¬† $600+ million of private credit transactions across both unrated and rated offerings.

  • The platform enables lenders to raise the most flexible debt capital at a low cost through dynamic market pricing and standardized terms.

  • The platform gives you access to a wealth of market data on every company and every level, allowing you to compare deals before you invest.


  • $620M Amount funded

  • 326 Funded deals

  • 14.47% Current weighted avg. APY

  • 1.64% Default rate