Paragon Intel

Paragon Intel is a SaaS platform that provides management analytics solutions for businesses. Through big data and proprietary interviews, Paragon Intel consistently helps investors understand how companies will perform based on the executives who run them. The company specializes in research and technology products that provide investors with holistic analysis around corporate management, helping clients identify differentiated equity investment opportunities and better manage position risks. Paragon Intel’s SaaS and research software include aggregation, filtering, and analysis of hard-to-find public data using artificial intelligence; real-time tracking of corporate planes; and deep-dive research reports combining quantitative stock analysis and qualitative insights on management.


  1. Management Track

  • Idea generation from real-time ratings & profiles on 4,000 executives

  • Uncover opportunities through the largest library of executive interviews, dossiers, and real-time profiles

  • Compare capital allocation history, career alpha, public appearance, plus hundreds of interviews

  1. JetTrack

  • Get ahead of corporate actions through the most comprehensive & predictive corporate aircraft tracking platform

  • JetTrack distills thousands of companies’ travel history and ongoing locations into investable insights

  • Covers The Americas, Eastern and Western Europe, cities within Russia, the seaboard of China, the rest of Asia, parts of northern Africa.