Paragon Intel

Paragon Intel is a leading management analytics firm built for investors. Through big data and proprietary interviews, Paragon Intel consistently helps investors understand how companies will perform based on the executives who run them. The firm gathers and provides data on management teams to better help investors develop informed insights on the companies they invest in. Paragon's SaaS and research software include aggregation, filtering, and analysis of hard-to-find public data using artificial intelligence; real-time tracking of corporate planes; and deep-dive research reports combining quantitative stock analysis and qualitative insights on management. The firm's flagship product, ManagementTrack, is a research platform that gives investors instant conclusions on over 4,700 executives, all built on the most comprehensive database of professional and personal information.


  • A research platform that provides investors with instant conclusions on 4,700+ executives, all built on the most comprehensive database of professional and personal information. 

  • It is a valuable tool for investors who want to gain a deeper understanding of the management quality of companies.

  • It is used by a wide range of investors, including hedge funds, mutual funds, and pension funds. 


  • Outlier Flags & Predictive Insights.
    Access the power of comprehensive data science to flag outliers and predict future events. Be notified of any material, out-of-the-ordinary activity in any sector.

  • Management Track Data.
    Access critical data points tied to each executive, including relative performance against competitor companies, career capital allocation, and career compensation.

  • Management Track Reports.
    View interviews with former high-level colleagues of executives to deduce specific strengths, weaknesses, and ability to execute at their specific company.

  • Predictive & Comparative Data.
    See Paragon-produced recommendations using Management Track data that have outperformed by over 16% for the past 5 years.


  • Executive Assessments.
    Custom assessments of individual executives, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as succession planning, board selection, and compensation benchmarking.

  • Management Team Evaluations.
    Evaluates entire management teams, providing investors with a holistic view of the quality of a company's leadership.

  • CEO Change Research.
    Conducts in-depth research on CEO changes, providing investors with insights into the factors that contribute to success or failure.