P3iD Technologies

Founding Date

P3iD Technologies is a software development and solution company providing secure cloud solutions for document workflow automation. The company simplifies complex document and data capture – developing and integrating an extensible modular platform for the capture, extraction, and storage of data. Through P3iD’s modern approach to innovative business process automation solutions, the company maintains a strong emphasis on security by integrating patent-pending identity management and encryption technologies. P3iD offers a full suite of automation technology microservices that easily create end-to-end business productivity workflows for documents and data.

  • P3iD operates under the core belief that each company’s success is built upon 3 key factors of the P3 Principle; people, process, and partnerships.

  • P3iD has established an overall product line of solutions branded as DoxaScan, focusing on SaaS-based content on-ramp platform, DocsInTheClouds.

  • The firm offers a full suite of business productivity solutions, including automatic metadata extraction via robotic process automation.

  • P3iD's ScanBot uses a centralized scanner control system with dashboard analytics + scanner, user and workflow management.

  • The MobileBot is a mobile capture platform for iOS and Android with low-code workflow for rapid deployment to users.

  • The firm specializes in Cloud Computing, Government, Oil & Gas, Elections, Accounting, Business Efficiency Improvement, Document Imaging, blockchain, workflow, and Hybrid Security.