Habitus Capital

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Habitus Capital is a private hedge fund combining human potential with technological intelligence. The company's investment approach is founded upon a data-centric architecture, harnessed to drive objective and sophisticated decision-making. The firm currently offers a wide range of investment vehicles. While the funds position diverse strategies, they all exist within an overarching ecosystem acting as a catalyst for constant improvement and evolution.


Leveraged Futures Fund

This fund is a multi-strategy, pure discretionary fund designed on employing leverage in high probability strategies with a core focus on risk management

Fusion Fund

This fund is a non-discretionary model deploying asymmetrical risk-reward strategies. The model fuses automated signaling, decision making, and risk management with discretionary order entry to extrapolate the unique edges found in both discretionary and non-discretionary trading. 

Quantitative Automated Fund

This pure-algorithm fund is high frequency in nature and seeks to capture incremental opportunities within the Futures Markets.