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China (The People's Republic of China) is a country in Asia

  • China is the worlds largest miner and buyer of gold (circa 2018)
  • Official name is "The People's Republic of China"
  • Chinese governments typically have¬† a long-term plan and view (vs. shorter term in the West)
    • Longer political terms and top-down planning help influence this

China Economic Concerns

  • Growing more toward totalitarianism vs. authoritarianism (2018)
  • Poor Demographics¬† - shrinking working age population (2018)
    • Expected to Peak in 2020s and drop significantly into 2100
    • Workforce peaked in 2011
    • Concerns that previous economic gains were based on positive demographics
  • Heavy debt burdens (2018)
  • Faced the Mundell Fleming Trilemma from 2016 to ???
  • Government regulation is too strict
  • Limits on free speech limit innovation
  • Endless supply of cheap labor is diminishing
  • Other Asian countries can offer cheaper manufacturing
  • Banking and Shadow Banking Assets have grown $ 29Trillion in last 9 years (2018) vs $7 Trillion in GDP