U.S. Global Investors

U.S. Global Investors is a leading investment management firm with a breadth of experience in global markets and specialized sectors. Initially founded as an investment club, the company has a longstanding history of global investing and launching innovative investment products. U.S. Global Investors is also well recognized for expertise in gold and precious metals, natural resources, and emerging markets.


  • U.S. Global Investors uses a matrix of top-down macro models and bottom-up micro stock selection models to determine weighting in countries, sectors, and individual securities.
  • It monitors and tracks the fiscal and monetary policies of the world’s largest countries both in terms of economic stature and population.
  • It focuses on historical and socioeconomic cycles and applies both statistical and fundamental models to identify companies with superior growth and value metrics.
  • It uses a matrix of statistical models to monitor market volatility and money flows.