Jonathan Krane

Jonathan Krane

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Jonathan Krane is the Founder and CEO of KraneShares, an asset management firm delivering China-focused exchange traded funds to global investors. KraneShares focuses on providing expert access and products for investors to gain exposure to China's capital markets, climate, and other asset classes. He also serves as the CEO of Gobe Wealth, a leading wealth management platform offering client-oriented, bespoke services. Krane has spent over 20 years working with companies in China. Previously, he launched a leading media and entertainment company in China, which was later sold to a publicly traded multinational corporation. He is also the author of The Wall Street Journal Best Seller, The China Dream.

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  • Gobe Wealth Management provides a holistic approach to helping clients manage their finances in the US.

  • With unparalleled access, the firm aims to be a singular destination for your US dollar investments, financial planning, and bespoke advisory services.

  • Their operationally efficient and open-architecture platform provides high-end, customizable solutions that suit each client's individual needs.