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Unbalanced: The Codependency of America and China

Unbalanced is an original and insightful analysis of the most important economic relationship in the world, laying bare the pitfalls of the current China-U.S. economic relationship. It highlights the conflicts at the center of current tensions, including disputes over trade policies and intellectual property rights, sharp contrasts in leadership styles, the role of the Internet, the recent dispute over cyberhacking, and more. In the wake of the 2008 crisis, both unbalanced economies face urgent and mutually beneficial rebalancings. This book concludes with a recipe for resolving the escalating tensions of codependence.

Praise for Unbalanced

“[A] thorough overview of the economics behind the 21st century’s defining relationship. Roach approaches it with academic rigor and a knack for explaining complex ideas in simple terms.”

David Bartram, South China Morning Post

‘“I learned much from Stephen Roach’s book Unbalanced: The Codependency of America and China. His book is a lucid and accessible primer on each country’s strengths, weaknesses, and prospects, highly recommendable to specialists and laypeople alike.”

Ian Johnson, The New York Review of Books

"Stephen Roach combines scholarly expertise and long practical experience in this thought-provoking critique of economic policy. His insights and arguments will influence the debate on both sides of the Pacific."

Henry A. KissingerFormer United States Secretary of state

“An important and fascinating book about the structural changes and evolving codependency of the world’s two largest and most dynamic economies. Unbalanced is an education in growth, stability, and postwar globalization, full of deep insights and colorful personalities on both sides, and wonderfully well written. Very few people have the breadth of knowledge and experience to write such a book.”

A. Michael Spence, Nobel Laureate in Economics

“How the United States and China will transit from precarious codependency to stable coexistence is one of the most crucial questions for the twenty-first century. Stephen Roach, with his profound grasp of the economic and political systems in the United States and China, describes the challenges, opportunities, and necessary adjustments for both countries. This is a timely must-read book for anyone concerned about the future of the world.”

Justin Yifu Lin, Former Chief Economist, World Bank

Unbalanced is a compelling analysis of China’s transition to a new model of economic growth and the challenges this transition will create for the United States.”

Nicholas Lardy, Anthony M. Solomon Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Stephen Roach provides an insightful and critical account of the economic relationship between China and America. His policy warning is clear: the future of U.S. China relations depends on significant changes in the growth strategies of both countries.”

Laura D. Tyson, University of California, Berkeley