Kori Hale

Kori Hale

Formal First Name

Kori Hale is the Co-Founder and CEO of CultureBanx, a digital news platform redefining business and tech news for minorities through music. Her online platform delivers high quality content focused on market-driven stories, innovative products and services that culture leads the way in transforming. Kori is passionate about the importance of the arts and community involvement. She has the distinct privilege of being the first black woman to anchor a daily news show from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Prior to starting CultureBanx, Kori was part of the launch team for digital media millennial news company Cheddar. She was a TV Producer for CNBC’s  top-rated shows Squawk on the Street and Squawk Alley. Before that, she was  an international producer for Bloomberg TV and a financial correspondent for TheStreet. She is also a leading Forbes contributor, covering the intersection of business and culture.

Professional Experience


  • CultureBanx is the leading digital stock market driven business news for hip-hop culture, leveraging music that’s geared towards the African-American community.

  • CultureBanx delivers high quality content focused on market driven stories, emerging trends, innovative products and services activating and transforming the community they cover.

  • The company serves as a unique news platform that focuses on business news for hip-hop culture, aiming to provide informative and engaging content that is relevant to their audience.

  • Whether you're interested in staying up to date with the latest trends in the industry or learning about the impact of technology on the entertainment world, CultureBanx has you covered.