Ron William

Ron William

Formal First Name

Ron William is a leading tactical and market strategist, distinguished trading psychologist, educator, mentor and performance coach. Ron is the Founder and Principal Market Strategist of RW Advisory, a leading institutional investment research and advisory firm. He is also a Performance Coach of Trading Psychology and Behavioral Finance at IntensiChi, a company specializing in wealth mindset development and transformational coaching. Ron has over 20 years of experience producing macro research and trading strategies for leading economic research and institutional firms. He specializes in blended, top-down, semi-discretionary analysis, defined by cycles and proprietary timing models. He has modeled the behavioral attributes of leading traders and investors, with the primary aim of teaching other professionals how to develop their own path of success. In addition, Ron is a visiting professor and active speaker at leading universities. He also serves as a senior teacher at colleges offering accredited diplomas in trading and wealth management.

Professional Experience



  • An active financial trading mentor and life coach, Ron's work builds on the latest methods in neuroscience, coaching, and mindfulness models.

  • His approach is a combination of the latest techniques in peak performance, including coherence coaching, biofeedback, and mindfulness.

  • He also utilizes his 20-year market experience, which focuses on tactical analysis opportunities and portfolio risk assessment.


  • Ron was a Senior Technical Analysis Specialist at Bloomberg, where he trained and consulted on buy- and sell-side across the EMEA region.

  • He contributed to the development of charting strategies and the TA platform of their Bloomberg Professional Service™.

  • He advised key charting and proprietary study developments, and supported global sales force and related business teams.

  • During his work at Bloomberg, he trained financial professionals across the world, including tier one banks, funds, and brokers.


  • Previously, Ron was a senior Tactical & Market Timing Strategist at The ECU Group Plc, a Global Macro Investment & Advisory Firm. 

  • He was part of the Multi-Asset Research & Advisory Team, headed by veteran technician Robin Griffiths, applying his signature “Roadmap” cycle model.

  • He is a Chartered Financial Technician (CFTe), the gold standard benchmark in Behavioral Finance, Market Timing, and Risk Management.

  • He expanded into the field of training and the study of neuroscience as a Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP).

  • Driven by high integrity education, Ron consults with multiple education and regulatory groups. 

  • He has trained financial professionals across the world, including tier one banks, funds, and brokers.