Financing refers to the provision of funds for investing, business activities, or making purchases. Financial institutions are in the business of extending capital to investors, businesses, and consumers to aid them in achieving their goals. The use of financing is imperative in any economic system, as it enables companies to purchase products out of their immediate reach.

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Allied Capital Corporation
Arena Investors
Backstage Capital
Bendio AG
British Land
Bryn Mawr Trust
Callais Capital Management
Cantor Fitzgerald
Capital One
Crestline Investors
Crumdale Partners
Discovery Capital Management
Federal National Mortgage Association
Franchise Times
GIB Capital
Groupe BPCE
Guggenheim Securities
HLM Capital Management
Lending Club
Loop Capital Markets
Marcus & Millichap
Money Avenue
Old Hill Partners
Partners Group
RK Equity
RiverFort Global Opportunities
Searchlight Capital
Serengeti Asset Management
Shard Capital
Sinovation Ventures
Sixth Street
Small Business Administration
Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking
Sprott Capital Partners
Sprott Resource Lending
Tennenbaum Capital Partners
Therium Capital Management
Third Seven Capital
Westwood Capital


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Adam Blitz
Alex Mashinsky
André Perold
Anthony Canale
Barbara Young
Brandon Turner
Brett Whysel
Christine Duhaime
Dan Alpert
Dan Simkowitz
Daniel D'Aniello
Daniel Revers
David Copeman
David Dunn
David Salem
David Shaffer
David Sher
Derek Neldner
Francis Suarez
Frank Angella
George Roberts
Henry Kravis
Ian Wace
Jan Brzeski
Janine Yorio
Jeffrey Olin
Joe Munoz
John Hassett
Jurgen Muhlhauser
Kevin Kinzie
Kevin White
L. Philip Jacoby
Lone Fønss Schrøder
Louise Gunderson
Mance Harmon
Marc Levine
Marc Rowan
Mark Kohler
Matthew Roszak
Michael Flight
Michelle Johnston
Mohamed El-Erian
Nicolas Namias
Peter Gleysteen
Robert Friedland
Santiago Santos
Scott Trench
Steen Watson
Stefan Spears


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