RiverFort Global Opportunities

RiverFort Global Opportunities is a leading investment company providing bespoke financing solutions comprising both capital from its balance sheet and co-investor capital to enable companies to fund their growth objectives. It combines capital and corporate finance capabilities to help companies develop through multiple stages of growth from the earlier stages of growth investment through to sustainable cash flow generation.


Acquisition finance

RiverFort provides underwriting and capital to ensure deal completion and also allows for subsequent refinancing. It can also provide additional mezzanine capital to help reduce the equity dilution required to complete the acquisition.

Cash liquidity protection

RiverFort provides on-demand working capital funding to help companies de-risk their future funding requirements and to ensure that they have access to sufficient funds to meet their working capital requirements.

Share placing flexibility

RiverFort provides intermediate bridge capital to enable companies to retain flexibility when deciding at which point to raise equity and to cope with a range of equity raising outcomes.

Project finance

RiverFort combines equity, mezzanine debt, and long term senior debt to create a cost-effective project finance package to assist companies in getting their assets to the point of cash flow generation.

Long-term equity financing

For companies looking for equity funding over the long term so as to allow the company to create value, RiverFort supports share subscriptions over an extended period to provide a reliable stream of equity capital to enable companies to benefit from the future performance of its share price.

Royalty financing

When companies are seeking to minimize equity dilution but require flexible financing, RiverFort provides royalty-type solutions that link the payback of capital to the future revenue or earnings performance of the business.