Shard Capital

Shard Capital is a leading financial services company that offers a full range of broking, asset management, and corporate capital services to private, corporate, and institutional clients. The firm also acts as an alternative investment fund manager for a small to mid-size enterprise direct lending fund, and a seed-stage tech fund focused on virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things.


Investment Services

Shard Capital offers a range of investment management services catering for retail, professional and corporate investors, as well as intermediaries. 

Custody and Dealing Services

Shard Capital provides custody, record keeping, monitoring, and reporting for almost any global and UK-based asset type. 

Institutional Services

Shard Capital caters to a large range of institutions, ranging from asset managers, investment funds and private and commercial banks, to corporates, family offices and high net worth professional investors.

Capital Markets

Shard Capital offers a wide array of services, from corporate broking and investor relations to commodity hedging.