Old Hill Partners

Old Hill Partners is an alternative investment firm that provides asset-based lending solutions to borrowers seeking $1 to 50 million in financing. It creates structured transactions tailored to meet the needs of borrowers seeking capital for expansion, acquisition, or growth. It specializes in collateralized lending markets, including direct loans, lender finance loans, asset-based loans, commercial real estate loans, and special situation real estate investments.


  • Auto Loans and Leases
  • Art and Antiquities
  • Aviation/Transportation
  • Commercial Receivables
  • Credit Card Receivables
  • Consumer Loans and Leases
  • Charged-off Debt
  • Film Financing
  • Inventory
  • Legal Settlements
  • Machinery/Equipment
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Medical Receivables
  • Rail
  • Small Business Loans
  • Tax Credits
  • Trademark Royalties
  • Other Hard or Esoteric Assets