Matt Stoller

Matt Stoller

Formal First Name
Matthew (Matt)
2/8/1978 - present

Matt Stoller is the Director of Research at the American Economic Liberties Project. Prior to this, he was a Fellow at the Open Markets Institute, where he researched the relationship between concentrated financial power and the Democratic Party in the 20th century. Stoller has also served as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Senate Budget Committee, where he focused on trade, competition policy, and financial services. While a Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, he focused on housing finance policy, foreclosures, political corruption, and the monetary transmission mechanism between the Federal Reserve and the economy.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Stoller worked for a member of the Financial Services Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives during the financial crisis.
  • While a staffer, he wrote a provision of law mandating a third-party audit of the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending activities. He also helped cut part of a $20 billion subsidy to large financial institutions.
  • He helped author legislation on Federal Reserve reform, the concentration of power among banks, and the restructuring of our trading arrangements. 
  • He also worked in the US House of Representatives on financial services policy, including Dodd-Frank, the Federal Reserve, and the foreclosure crisis.
  • He was a producer for MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show and served as a writer and actor on the short-lived FX television series Brand X with Russell Brand. 
  • His 2012 law review article on the foreclosure crisis, The Housing Crash and the End of American Citizenship, predicted the rise of autocratic political forces.
  • His 2016 Atlantic article, How the Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul, helped inspire the new anti-monopoly movement. 


  • Stoller authors Big, a monopoly-focused newsletter with tens of thousands of subscribers.
  • His writing has appeared in the Washington Post, the New York Times, Fast Company, Foreign Policy, The American Conservative, and The Baffler.
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.