Parent term
A mortgage is a loan backed by a property (typically a primary residence)

Asset Classes



America First Credit Union
Andrew Marshall Financial
BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas S.A.
Bankers Trust
Bryn Mawr Trust
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Ellington Management Group
Federal National Mortgage Association
First Citizens Bank
Jacobs Asset Management
Legal & General
MBS Highway
Metacapital Management
Money Avenue
PNC Financial Services
Prophet Capital Asset Management
Rimrock Capital Management
Silvergate Bank
Southern Waters Capital
Standard Chartered PLC
The Group, Inc.
Tilden Park Capital Management
Truist Financial
Two Harbors Investment
Voya Investment Management
Värde Partners
Wells Fargo


2002 to 2007 Housing & Credit Boom
2008 Financial Crisis
The Great Society




Adam Mead
Barry Habib
Bill Erbey
Brendan White
Charles Day
Charlie McGarraugh
Chris Akbari
Chris Whalen
Christine Hurtsellers
Clayton DeGiacinto
David Meneret
David Warren
Deepak Narula
Elizabeth Warren
Greg Hagood
Hugh Frater
Ivy Zelman
Jamshed Engineer
Jan Brzeski
Jay Canell
Jeff Kronthal
Jeff Verschleiser
Kevin Kelly
Larry Kendall
Leo LiVolsi
Logan Mohtashami
Matt Zames
Michael DeVito
Michael Lebowitz
Mike Fierman
Mike Heroux
Mike Vranos
Natalie Howard
Neil Canell
Patrick McMahon
Pete Muller
Pradeep Pattem
Richard Lightburn
Sarah Quinn
Scott Trench
Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
Thomas Herold
Tom Hutchinson
Tony Greer


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