Mike Fierman

Mike Fierman

Formal First Name
Michael (Mike)

Michael Fierman is the Co-Founder, Managing Partner, and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Angel Oak Capital, a vertically integrated investment firm specializing in asset management, lending, and capital markets. He is responsible for providing senior leadership and strategic direction to the mortgage lending and asset management businesses of the firm. Prior to this, Fierman was a Co-Founder at SouthStar Funding, a wholesale mortgage lender where he oversaw sales, operations, and credit risk departments.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Fierman is a native Atlantan. 
  • His confidence stemmed from his ability to work for 100% commission as a “street sales guy.” 
  • He learned about the mortgage credit market to be able to delineate bad credit from “rotten” credit
  • He now travels around the world to close deals in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia
  • In January of 2021, he was selected by Atlanta Magazine as one of the “Top 500 Most Powerful Leaders in Atlanta.”