MBS Highway

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MBS Highway is a cutting-edge digital platform that provides leading software and market insights solutions for residential mortgage and real estate professionals. The platform delivers real-time mortgage market updates, economic analysis, and interest rate forecasts to mortgage professionals, including loan officers, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents. Its expertise include award-winning market alerts and forecasts, data-powered tools, and patent-pending agent and competitor production data, equipping professionals with the advantage they need to win more revenue opportunities. MBS Highway is the brainchild of renowned mortgage industry executive Barry Habib.

  • Provides economic insights and financial tools designed to demonstrate the value of homeownership to clients.

  • Offers daily updates¬† and real-time market alerts interpreting how the latest economic news impacts mortgage and real estate.

  • Provides market analysis, rate alerts, educational content, marketing tools, personalized insights, and more.