Mary Childs

Mary Childs

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Mary Childs is an award winning financial journalist and Co-Host for National Public Radio's Planet Money, a podcast known for balancing in-depth analysis of the most pressing financial topics with tenacious clarity. Previously, Childs worked as a senior reporter for Barron’s magazine, where she covered the alternatives industry, the bond market, and capitalism; a correspondent for the Financial Times; and a contributor to Bloomberg News. Throughout her career, she has written about the pioneering of new asset classes like time, billionaire's proposals to solve inequality and diversity and discrimination in the finance industry. She was also a Watson Fellow, spending a year traveling the world painting portraits. Childs is the author of the bestselling book The Bond King: How One Man Made a Market, Built an Empire, and Lost It All.

Professional Experience


  • The Planet Money podcast is all about taking the complexities of the economy and making them streamlined.

  • The place for clear and innovative financial reporting, Planet Money journalists help listeners understand how dramatic economic change impacts their lives.

  • The podcast features top-notch breakdowns of global economic news, the ins and outs of various economic styles, and even the richness of economic history

  • Listeners will get a front-row seat to witty banter and insightful commentary. 



  • Childs is a 2023 Arthur F. Burns Fellow and a 2015 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Honoree.

  • Her award winning work has been chosen as The New Yorker’s “Best Business Reporting” and highlighted on The Daily Show