Carne Ross

Carne Ross

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1966 - present

Carne Ross is a trained negotiator and economist known as the Founder and Director of the Independent Diplomat, an award-winning advisory group that offers expert advice and support on diplomatic strategy to democratic governments and political groups. He has over 15 years of diplomatic experience in the British Foreign Office and the United Nations, working on a wide range of issues and regions including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the global environment, terrorism and post-conflict reconstruction. Carne worked on several important Security Council resolutions such as SCR 1284 which rewrote the Council's Iraq policy and established UNMOVIC, the weapons inspection body. He resigned from the Foreign Office after giving secret evidence to the Butler Inquiry into the use of intelligence before the Iraq war of 2003. Today, Carne works as an independent consultant specializing in international issues, strategy, climate/ESG, public and government affairs. He is also an Associate Director of Geopolitics, Diplomacy and Security at E3G, where his work covers Geopolitics of climate, which involves how to use diplomacy to ensure maximum climate ambition and implementation.

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  • Founded by Carne in 2004, ID has been involved in multiple self-determination processes, including Kosovo, South Sudan, Somaliland and the Western Sahara, and today works with groups in Mali, Myanmar, Palestine, Sri Lanka and Syria, among others.

  • ID has also enabled the first-ever official delegation of refugees to take part in diplomatic negotiations on UN refugee agreements.

  • ID is also involved in the Syrian democratic opposition and the Marshall Islands, which successfully led a large coalition of countries to demand a robust UN climate agreement in Paris.


  • At the UN, he served as the UK delegation's expert on the Middle East, advising and leading UN-government processes.

  • He also negotiated for the UK the resolution establishing the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan and the Council's resolution of 12 September 2001 condemning the attacks of the day before.

  • Responsible for all Middle East issues at the UN, including General Assembly and Security Council, in Iraq, Israel, Libya, and Western Sahara.