Adair Turner

Adair Turner

Formal First Name
Jonathan Adair (Adair)
Nick Name
Baron Turner of Ecchinswell
10/5/1955 - present

Lord Adair Turner is currently the Chair of the Energy Transitions Commission. Prior to this, he was the Chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, where he remains a Senior Fellow. Lord Turner also chaired the Financial Services Authority, where he played an integral role in the post-crisis redesign of UK's global banking and shadow banking regulation. His career has spanned business, public policy, and academia. He is a frequent lecturer on global macroeconomic, social, and environmental developments.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Lord Turner is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Financial Studies.
  • He is a Visiting Fellow at the People’s Bank of China School of Finance and Tsinghua University.
  • He writes a monthly column for Project Syndicate, which appears in multiple newspapers across the world.
  • He became a cross-bench member of the House of Lords in 2006.
  • As a former Chair of the UK Climate Change Committee, he was responsible for ensuring that the UK achieves an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
  • He has held leadership in public policy
    • Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry (1995-2000)
    • Chairman of the UK Low Pay Commission (2002-2006)
    • Chairman of the Pensions Commission (2003-2006)
    • the first chairman of the Climate Change Committee (2008-2012)