Gavin von Loeser

Gavin von Loeser

Formal First Name

Gavin von Loeser is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Hammerstone Markets, a firm specializing in delivering instant news, economic data, research and analysis to active traders, portfolio managers and market participants. Prior to joining Hammerstone, Gavin was a Founding Partner and Director of Business Development at Anticus Advisors where he was responsible for developing strong relationships and building trust with internal and external business partners. He was also a Vice President for three years at Basso Capital, a multi-strategy, global-macro hedge fund investment manager. Gavin has been in the financial services industry since 2000, spending most of his time in the hedge fund industry with significant experience in trading, finance, product development, and sales.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • At Basso Capital, Gavin was primarily responsible for all daily portfolio liquidity, including financing and margin-margin variation.

  • He was a Senior Operations Analyst at FrontPoint Partners, where he managed the entire operational platform for the firm's largest portfolio - Ivory Capital.

  • He also spent time at DKR Capital as an Assistant Trader and served as a Treasury Control Officer at National Bank of Canada.