Hammerstone Markets

Founding Date

Hammerstone Markets specializes in delivering instant news, economic data, research and analysis to Wall Street’s active traders, portfolio managers and market participants, delivered through their 2 real-time chat rooms: Pro Trader & MarketTalk. The company’s platform offers customizable, up-to-the-minute real-time information, news headlines, daily reports and trading analyses of financial markets, enabling participants to obtain real-time news and analytics giving them the edge on various stocks. The Hammerstone Pro Forum is where members communicate and collaborate in real-time to discuss intraday news, markets, and securities that provides subscribers a real-time interactive trading edge. Hammerstone Markets has more than 1,500 institutional traders, both buy & sell side.

Hammerstone Markets' Platform includes:

  • Real-Time Breaking News With Trader Context

  • Actionable Ideas & Running Commentary

  • Over 1,600 Real-Time News Updates Per Day

  • Earning Releases & Interpretation

  • Proprietary Research

  • Custom Filters & Emailed Alerts

  • Convenient Mobile App w/ Alerts

  • Live, News & Chat Forum For Retail Traders

  • 100% FINRA Compliant For Institutional Traders

Hammerstone Reports

  • Early Look - Pre-Stock Market Opening

  • Street Recommendations - What Wall Street Analysts Are Saying Pre-Market

  • Mid-Morning Look - Midday Trading

  • Closing Recap - End Of Day Market Changes And Sector New Breakdowns