Cresset Capital

Founding Date

Cresset Capital is an independent, award-winning multi-family office and private investment firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm serves the unique needs of entrepreneurs, CEO founders, wealth creators, executives, and partners, as well as high-net-worth and multi-generational families. Cresset offers access to a comprehensive suite of family office services and deeply personalized wealth management strategies, including goals-based planning & investing, private investment opportunities, liquidity and exit planning, tax strategy, estate planning, philanthropy and impact, private banking and trust services, risk management, CFO services, family governance and education, and lifestyle services. The firm has over $40 billion in assets under management (as of 07/13/2023).


Here are a few things that make Cresset Capital unique:

  • Focus on family offices. Cresset is one of a relatively small number of wealth management firms that specializes in serving families.

  • Investment approach. Cresset's investment approach is focused on long-term capital appreciation and preservation. This is in contrast to many other wealth management firms, which focus on short-term performance. 

  • Team. Cresset's team of advisors is highly experienced and qualified. The firm also has a strong track record of success.

Cresset offers the following services to family offices:

  • Goals-based planning & investing. Differentiating strategies for tax-efficient portfolios.

  • Tax strategy & planning. Proactive solutions to minimize capital gains and tax exposure.

  • Wealth strategy & liquidity planning. Custom roadmap process for sophisticated wealth planning.

  • Public & private investments. Access to curated private market opportunities.

  • Estate planning, trusts & philanthropy. Protect your family, plan your legacy, and fuel your passions.

  • Private banking services. Dedicated care for your private wealth management needs.

  • Family governance & education. Guide your wealth decisions across generations.

  • Lifestyle & wellness resources. Enrich your family's lifestyle to enjoy your wealth.