Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities is the ultimate resource for getting into the world’s biggest, most profitable investment trends before anyone else. If there’s anything that would guarantee tremendous returns in the stock market, it’s the power of being the first in the know. This exclusive advisory is dedicated to helping subscribers get in early in the most revolutionary trends. It doesn't primarily promote buying, holding, and hoping for eventual gains. Investment Opportunities are in potent megatrends, with stocks that meet the three-factor test: strong fundamentals, technicals, and “intangibles.”


12 Monthly Issues of Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities

Every month, I’ll send you a full issue that details what I believe are the world’s biggest investment opportunities. Inside our issues, you’ll find our latest investment recommendations, our current portfolio, expert insight from my large list of contacts, and insight you won’t find anywhere else. All of our recommendations are easily purchased in regular online brokerage accounts.

Special Readers-Only Reports

In these in-depth “situational” reports, I’ll devote 12–36 pages to world-changing business and technological trends that are set to deliver triple-digit gains to investors.

Urgent position updates

Although we follow a monthly publishing schedule, I’ll send you timely updates if something major is happening with one of our positions.

The Investment Opportunities Owner’s Manual

This short, easy-to-read manual explains my approach to the market, how I find opportunities, the right way to buy and sell stocks, and lots of other key ideas that will help you make big returns without taking big risks.