CPM Group

CPM Group is a commodities management firm that provides independent research, analysis, and advisory services related to commodities markets, corporate and project finance, and the financial management of exposure to commodity-oriented investments. With a focus on precious, industrial, and specialty metals, as well as energy and agricultural markets, CPM Group is known for its overall economic analysis of commodities markets and its expertise in financial engineering.


Commodities Research

CPM Group uses a top-down analysis of economic, financial, and political trends both globally and in major countries and regions to provide the umbrella overview of the economic environment in which these metals markets will develop. This is combined with a detailed bottom-up analysis of individual sectors of supply and demand


CPM Group provides expert advice on most commodities around the world, preparing reports and recommendations based on its analyses. For individual commodities, it often acts as an Independent Commodity Consultant, providing a package of consulting and research products. 

Investment Banking

CPM Group assists clients in mergers and acquisitions and provides advice on financing transactions, including debt issuances, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, equity placements, and hedging transactions.

Commodities Management

CPM Group advises and assists clients in managing their price risks. It guides clients through the commodities management process in identifying and measuring risks, hedge evaluation and structuring, counterparty introduction and negotiation, and execution.

Asset Management

CPM Asset Management serves accredited individuals and institutional investors by managing their commodities-oriented investments. It leverages solid fundamental commodities research and analysis to actively manage separate accounts and funds, and sub-advise for institutional investors.