Seeking Alpha

Founding Date

Seeking Alpha is the world’s largest investing community providing crowd-sourced content service for financial markets. The firm provides investors with breaking news, analysis and newsletters to follow their investments and the market. Powered by the wisdom & diversity of crowdsourcing, millions of investors share ideas on Seeking Alpha by providing articles and research with coverage on a broad range of stocks, asset classes, ETFs and investment strategies. Written by investors for investors, more than 7,000 contributors publish 10,000 investing ideas every month. As of January 2021, the firm had 10 million registered users and attracted over 17 million unique viewers every month, with average visit duration of 4x more than The Economist, Barron's or the Wall Street Journal.

  • Seeking Alpha has unparalleled breadth and depth: from stocks, ETFs and mutual funds to commodities and cryptocurrency, including thousands of stocks (such as small-caps) not analyzed elsewhere.

  • The firm also provides advanced charting, data visualizations, technical and fundamental analysis to add clarity and enable informed, data-driven decision-making.

  • Through Seeking Alpha, millions of investors connect to discover and share investing ideas, discuss breaking news, debate the merits of stocks, and make informed investment decisions.

  • Premium unlocks 1 million investing ideas and valuable features such as Author, Quant, and Dividend Ratings, data visualizations, and the ability to track the performance of Authors’ past ideas.