Mish Shedlock

Mish Shedlock

Formal First Name
Michael (Mish)

Mish Shedlock is a highly-acclaimed macroeconomic writer and one of the early financial pioneer bloggers. He is the author of Mish Talk, a prolific global economic trend analysis blog that provides commentary on the global economy. Mish Talk is among the top financial blogs in the US, where he covers interest rates, central bank policy, gold and precious metals, jobs, and economic reports, all from an Austrian Economic perspective. He also serves as a registered investment advisor representative for Sitka Pacific Capital Management, an asset management firm specializing in absolute return investment strategies. In addition to his financial blog, he has over 80 magazine and book credits.

Professional Experience

Academic History



  • Mish has written articles every day since 2003. 

  • In 2006, he called the top of the residential housing bubble, and the bottom in March of 2009.

  • In 2009, his global economic trend analysis was on the cover of online Time Magazine, Best 25 Financial Blogs.

  • In 2010, the New York Times cited Mish along with Barry Ritholtz and Calculated Risk in its #1 Idea of the year called: Do-It-Yourself Macroeconomics