Keith Black

Keith Black

Formal First Name

Keith Black is Managing Director and Program Director of the FDP Institute, a self-study program designed to educate financial professionals about the emerging field of data science and its practical applications in the financial sector. At FDP, he has a professional designation as an author, researcher, and lecturer on alternative investments, machine learning, alternative data, and artificial intelligence. Prior to FDP, he served as Managing Director of Content Strategy at the CAIA Association. Keith has over 30 years of financial market experience, serving approximately half of that time as an academic and half as a trader and consultant to institutional investors. His prior experience includes commodities derivatives trading, stock options research and CBOE floor trading, and building quantitative stock selection models for mutual funds and hedge funds. Keith has contributed to the CFA Digest, and has published in The Journal of Wealth Management, The Journal of Trading, The Journal of Investing, and The Journal of Alternative Investments, among others.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • He is an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he teaches private equity, crypto, and digital assets.

  • His previous roles at CAIA Association included Managing Director of Content Strategy and Director of Curriculum.

  • He was an Adjunct Professor at the University College of the Cayman Islands, teaching global financial markets and management.

  • At Ennis Knupp, he advised foundations, endowments and pension funds on their asset allocation and manager selection strategies.

  • He served as an Assistant Professor and Senior Lecturer at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

  • He was a Senior Quantitative Analyst at Chicago Investment Analytics, where he consulted on stock selection and portfolio analysis.

  • He was a Trader and Financial Engineer for Hull Trading Company, and an Investment Officer for the First Chicago Capital Markets.

  • He is the author of “Managing a Hedge Fund”, as well as co-author of the second, third, and fourth editions of the CAIA Level I and Level II curriculum.

  • He was named to the Institutional Investor magazine’s list of “Rising Stars of Hedge Funds” in 2010.

  • His direct trading experience includes commodity swaps and futures, equities, options and futures, and long-short equity hedge funds.

  • His teaching and public speaking topics include hedge funds, private equity, real estate, commodities, cryptocurrencies and infrastructure.

  • He specializes in hedge funds, commodities, real assets, options, futures, derivatives, volatility, and portfolio construction, among others.

  • He earned a BA from Whittier College, an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, and a PhD from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

  • He has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and was a member of the inaugural class of both CAIA and FDP members.

Keith Black's Licenses & Certifications

  • Introduction to Decentralized Finance - BLOC 611, University of Nicosia

  • Data Analyst with Python, Data Camp

  • FDP Charterholder, Financial Data Professional Institute

  • Introduction to Digital Currencies DFIN-511,  University of Nicosia

  • CAIA Fundamentals of Alternative Investment Certificate

  • CAIA Charterholder, CAIA Association

  • Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA Institute

  • CFA Institute CE Program 15 Year Milestone

Keith Black's Affiliations

  • Board of Directors, Starlight's Youth Theater

  • Board of Trustees, Pioneer Valley Performing Arts

  • Editorial Board, CFA Digest

  • Editorial Board, Global Commodities Applied Research Digest

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Investment Consulting

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Alternative Investments

  • Editorial Advisory Board, Real Assets Adviser