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The Financial Data Professional Institute offers the only global education program and designation to bridge the gap between financial professionals and data scientists. FDPI was established to address the growing need in finance for a workforce that has the skills to perform in a digitized world where an increasing number of decisions will be data and analytics driven. The FDP curriculum was designed with the collaboration of academia and industry practitioners and is divided into two segments, the online prerequisite courses, providing foundations of mathematics, statistics and Python programming, and the FDP exam covering big data, data mining, and machine learning applications in finance. Their primary method is the assistance in preparing for and obtaining the Financial Professional® (FDP®) Charter, a designation awarded by the FDPI to financial professionals and data scientists devoted to implementing data science strategies in the financial sector.

  • The FDP Charter is a globally recognized professional designation for those exploring and contributing to the intersection of data science and finance.

  • The FDP Institute provides world-class education to financial professionals to meet the accelerating needs of digital transformation in the industry.

  • The Financial Data Professional (FDP) designation showcases your global value by validating your financial acumen & data analysis skills.

To earn the FDP Charters, candidates must complete:

  • Online prerequisite courses: Mathematical and statistical foundations as well as basic coding skills in Python

  • FDP Exam: Big data, mining, machine learning applications in the financial industry