Imran Lakha

Imran Lakha

Formal First Name
1979 - present

Imran Lakha is the Founder of Options Insight, a financial markets training company specializing in options trading. At Options Insight, he provides clients with research on macro options trading opportunities for both portfolio hedging and yield enhancement, as well as relative value within the volatility space to optimize returns and risk profiles. He also provides career mentoring, webinars, and training programs perfect for students and retail traders seeking to add options trading skills to their knowledge base to help them navigate volatile markets. In addition, he has also created multiple options trading courses from platforms such as Real Vision and Spotgamma, helping traders to understand the intuition behind options and how to use them practically in the real world across all asset classes including cryptocurrency. Lakha has been an equity derivatives trader for over 20 years and has run European equity index options trading desks for Merrill Lynch, Citibank, and Merrill Lynch. Prior to launching Options Insight, he was a Macro Portfolio Manager at Bluecrest Capital.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Lakha utilizes institutional options strategies to capitalize on investment opportunities across global macro assets classes.

  • Through his extensive experience, he demonstrates how investors can better position themselves to leverage their capital for maximum returns while protecting their portfolios from downside risk.


  • Lakha began his career in 2001 when he joined Credit Suisse as a graduate.

  • He was first a trainee on the Exotic Equity Derivatives desk.

  • He joined the Vanilla Index Options Flow desk as a market-maker after training for a couple of years. 

  • He traded various books including global relative value, variance swap, and dispersion.

  • He became one of the top-performing junior traders.


  • After successfully trading through the financial crisis of 2008, he became Head of the European Index Options desk at age 29. 

  • He traded all major global indices, options, and variance.

  • He risk-managed large positions in vega, gamma, and skew.

  • He left to take a career break at the end of 2011 and traveled around South America and Southeast Asia.


  • After his travels, he re-entered the trading world at Citibank

  • He was quickly given the role of Head of European Index Options

  • He ran the desk until late 2017 but the idea of teaching was still prevailing.

  • He started giving weekly options classes after-market hours to a group of analysts and associates working on various parts of the trading floor