Options Insight

Options Insight is a leading financial markets training company specializing in options trading. Founded in 2018 by Imran Lakha, a veteran equity and options trader, Options Insight aims to demonstrate how investors can better position themselves to protect their assets and leverage their capital for maximum returns. The company provides clients with research on macro options trading opportunities for both portfolio hedging and yield enhancement, as well as relative value within the volatility space to optimize returns and risk profiles. Their courses include trading fundamentals, options and volatility trading workshops, live interactive trading simulations, technical analysis and student crash courses in finance. From the greeks to risk management, Options Insight will teach you the ups and the downs as well as how to make the most of your options trading.



  • Beginner. Attend a courseĀ  directly with Imran to learn about the basics behind various options trading strategies.

  • Intermediate. Learn the theory behind advanced strategies and how to effectively deploy them.

  • Advanced. Discover advanced strategies, risk management techniques and tactics against market volatility.

  • One-on-One. Get the private coaching you need from one of the foremost experts in options trading, Imran Lakha.


  • Macro Options Daily. A daily email and video providing actionable options strategies based on the current market.

  • Crypto Weekly. A weekly webcast that features optimal crypto positioning + current changes across the crypto landscape.

  • Macro Options Overlay. A weekly webcast and dashboard that features portfolio positions + changes across global macro asset markets.

  • The Bundle. Access all Option Insight research, to help mitigate risk and optimize returns.