Equity Derivatives

Full Name
Equity Derivatives: Corporate and Institutional Applications

Built on Neil Schofield’s 25 years of experience about equity derivatives, this book provides a comprehensive understanding on the inter-linkages that exist between the different components of the equity derivatives market. With an introduction to the fundamentals of the stock market, delta one products and options are covered in detail, giving a broad knowledge of the use of equity derivative strategies. The book features most of the traded payoffs and structures and covers all practical aspects of pricing and hedging.

Neil Schofield's Equity Derivatives:

  1. Provides a great overview of how dealers approach such derivatives

  2. Delivers commonsensical reasons on which models to use and when

  3. Discusses equity derivatives in a practical, non-mathematical and highly intuitive setting

  4. Enables practitioners to fully understand and correctly structure

  5. Price and hedge products effectively

  6. Stand strong to make equity-related concepts truly accessible

Table of Contents