Gary Shilling

Gary Shilling

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Gary Shilling is the President of A. Gary Shilling & Co, an investment adviser registered in New Jersey. He is a reputable economic consultant and investment adviser most known for his impressive forecasting record. Dr. Shilling is also a highly acclaimed writer who has published extensively on the business outlook and techniques of economic analysis and forecasting. He is the longest-running columnist at Forbes magazine, where he has been challenging the consensus since 1983.

  • Dr. Shilling publishes A. Gary Shilling’s INSIGHT, a monthly report of economic forecasts and investment strategy
  • He is on Investment Advisor Magazine’s panel of investment strategists.
  • He is an avid beekeeper. 
  • He has testified before various Congressional committees, including the Joint Economic committee and the House committee on Banking.
  • He has been warning about the long-term threat of deflation for several years and has even created a board game, aptly title The deflation Game. 
  • He often addresses national and international conventions of various business groups, including the Young Presidents Organization
  • He also appears frequently on Bloomberg radio and television, on CNBC, and on various investment webcasts.
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.



    • In 1969, he was among the few who correctly saw that a recession would start late in the year.
    • In 1973, he stood almost alone in forecasting that the world was entering a massive inventory-building spree to be followed by the first major worldwide recession since the 1930s.
    • In the 1970s, he was the first to predict that the changing political mood of the country would lead to an end of severe inflation, as well as to potentially serious financial and economic readjustment problems and a shift in investment strategy from one favoring tangible assets to an emphasis on stocks and bonds.