Dennis Kimbro

Dennis Kimbro

Formal First Name
12/29/1950 - present

Dennis Kimbro has spent his entire career interviewing peak performers all over the world, collecting the best ideas, strategies, and success principles from their words. He is a prolific author and professor who is recognized as one of the most insightful and scholarly writers in the field today. His research interests lie in the field of management, entrepreneurship, and human potential. His life work is to make this valuable knowledge widely available to people of all races, cultures, beliefs, and socio-economic levels.


  • He earned his doctorate from Northwestern University where he studied wealth and poverty among underdeveloped countries.
  • He scoured the country interviewing scores of America's most notable achievers. 
  • His inquisition led to the question: How can impoverished black Americans pull themselves out of poverty and reach their full potential?
  • He studied the methodology of Napoleon Hill, author of the phenomenal bestseller Think and Grow Rich
  • Using Think and Grow Rich as a reference, Kimbro decided to do what Hill had done in the 1930s. He developed a survey to use among high-achieving black Americans.
  • Two years later, he learned from the foundation bearing Hill's name that, Hill himself, had drafted a book in 1970 that explored the identical question. 
  • After a personal meeting with W. Clement Stone, president of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Kimbro was commissioned to update and complete Hill's original manuscript.
  • Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice distills the secrets of success contained in the lives of peak-performing men and women and reveals how readers can use utilize these keys to make their dreams come true.

Kimbro discovered that the key to high achievement can be found in nine virtues of greatness that are present in everyone:

  1. Purpose
  2. Courage
  3. Imagination
  4. Integrity
  5. Wealth
  6. Work
  7. Prayer
  8. Triumph of the Human Spirit
  9. Leaving a Legacy



      • His honors include various awards bestowed by the business community.
      • He received the Dale Carnegie Personal Achievement Award.
      • In 1996, he served as one of eight national judges for the prestigious Ernst & Young USA Today Entrepreneur of the Year held in Palm Springs, California.
      • In 2005, the National Black MBA Association presented him with the 2005 H. Naylor Fitzhugh Award, recognizing him as one of the top professors in the Nation.
      • One of his highest honors occurred when he was requested to keynote Grambling State University's Coach Eddie Robinson's farewell tribute.