David McKnight

David McKnight

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David McKnight is a nationally recognized mentor, speaker, author, and retirement strategist. For twenty years, he has helped thousands of investors achieve their tax-advantaged retirement. A regular contributor to a number of national magazines, McKnight has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Fox Business, and several other publications. He was a Focus Speaker at the worldwide annual meeting of MDRT in Toronto, Canada and is a multiple Top of the Table qualifier.

"David has been an key partner for our firm and our advisors. His industry knowledge and marketing savvy has been proven with measurable results time and time again. With so many marketing concepts available, it is no surprise that David has emerged as a leader and top choice among advisors."

— Dean Zayed, CEO at Brookstone Capital Management

"David has the ability to take complex problems and simplify down to where the Ideas make good common sense. David also provides amazing outcomes with detail-oriented solutions."

— Jerry Thurman

"David offers the best Retirement Planning Advice for the Higher Net Worth clients available anywhere!"

— James Casse