Founding Date

Mojito is a Web3 consumer engagement platform for NFT commerce, finance, and enterprise brands. An all-in-one solution powering brands and creators, Mojito allows users to sell their IP directly to consumers, eliminating the middleman. The platform enables any rights to bring digital goods to market in their own branded storefront, unlocking value and liquidity with near-zero effort. It partners with brands to conceptualize, design, and develop bespoke NFT marketplaces, while also serving a full-service NFT marketing partner and tech advisor. Mojito provides hands-on strategy and account management for full-service operation of your NFT business, offering dedicated front-line customer support for all their technical questions and troubleshooting.


  • Launch your own NFT drops

  • Host your own NFT marketplace

  • Create your own NFT memberships

  • Power your events with NFTs