Event Types

Political Period

Political periods are political events that have made a significant impact one way or another, making a mark in politics and extending industries. These events are important to monitor market conditions, elections, and political parties, with their projected impact on markets. Political periods play a remarkable part in the entire political context of the world.

  • Although at times they seem separate, political events are important to monitor because at times they can have an effect on markets and economies
  • As such, it is also important to monitor politics.  Elections and parties can drive major political events that impact markets
  • Markets dislike uncertainty and political changes/elections can cause uncertainty
    • Markets can adapt to any changes once they occur, but find it difficult when the outcome (ex elections) is uncertain


  • Declarations of War
  • Trade Wars
  • Sanctions
  • Trade Deals
  • Fiscal Policies & Spending
  • Tax Cuts and Increases