One Capital Management

One Capital Management is a global investment management firm that provides investment advisory services to private families, endowments, foundations, tax-exempt organizations and retirement plans. Driven by a holistic goals-based approach, the firm strives to understand each client’s unique financial circumstances in order to customize the right family solution to achieve their financial goals, dreams and aspirations. The company's investment team has a deep understanding of the global markets and is able to identify and invest in undervalued securities. The core of their beliefs is that wealth management is executed most effectively when advanced planning - a focus on wealth enhancement, wealth protection, and wealth transfer is coupled with investment management.


  • Global Presence.

    One Capital Management has been a private wealth management firm in the U.S. since 2001.

  • Stability.

    Partnership with CI Financial, one of the largest financial services firms in Canada bringing substantial resources.

  • Fiduciaries.

    Registered Investment Advisor – always acting in their clients’ best interest.

  • Bespoke Client Investment Management.

    Client centric approach focused on the unique financial and life circumstances of each individual, family, and institution.

  • $5 Billion.

    Over $5 billion in assets under management.

  • Track Record.

    25 years of outstanding results.


  • Private Client Group.

    The company's flagship business dates back to 2001. PCG is focused on assisting clients achieve their investment objectives with the least risk possible.

  • One Family.

    It was developed for Family Offices who could benefit from sophisticated portfolio management capabilities, as well as individual families that have acquired significant wealth and require multi - generational planning.

  • One Sports Global.

    You will have a team of professionals dedicated to you - providing transparent solutions for your wealth and your brand during your current and post-professional career.

  • One Fire+ Police.

    Delivers objective and transparent advice when it comes to investment management and financial planning. They take an educational approach when assisting first responders in their preparation for retirement.