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Cognitive Investments is an investment advisor that seeks to protect and grow client wealth for the long term. Clients have the freedom to invest in a uniquely global and unconstrained way. It builds a personalized mix of boutique investment strategies for each client, all designed to protect and grow assets even through turbulent times. CI also hosts a Knowledge Platform, giving clients personalized intelligence, ideas, and contacts to help them maximize their own strategic decisions.

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Cognitive Investments

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Cognitive Investments


CI Strategic Wealth

Actively moves to capture big waves in financial markets before they become apparent to others. Aims to protect you from big market drops and to seize extraordinary market opportunities. 

CI Macro

Total freedom to capture big market waves, long and short, across a wide range of stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities


CI Equity

Deliberately targets stocks that are ignored by other investors. These stocks have the potential to be deeply mispriced by the market and can offer exceptional returns, doubling or tripling in value