Janet Brown

Janet Brown

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Janet Brown is Managing Director and Investment Adviser at One Capital Management, a global investment management firm that provides investment advisory to clients. Janet has been managing client accounts and developing effective investment strategies with funds and ETFs since 1978. Until 2022, she served as President and CEO of FundX Investment Group, a San Francisco-based RIA that has helped thousands of investors use mutual funds and ETFs to build and preserve wealth. She is Chairperson of the FundX Investment Trust and Executive Editor of NoLoad FundX, a highly rated fund and ETF newsletter. In addition to her management responsibilities, she serves on the board of several nonprofits and foundations, and is a long-time advocate for sustainable responsible investing.


  • Since 1978, NoLoad FundX has helped thousands of investors find top-performing no load funds. 

  • She identifies opportunities in the current stock and bond markets and helps investors respond to changing markets in a disciplined, time-tested way.

  • FundX's model portfolio of core diversified stock funds has outperformed the S&P 500 Index for over 40 years.

  • The newsletter provides strategies designed to keep you in the best areas of the market and out of the worst ones.


  • Janet is a widely recognized expert and is a frequent guest on national media.

  • Under her leadership, FundX was one of the first to use funds to professionally manage private client accounts in 1969. 

  • Her acclaimed upgrading strategy is an active approach that uses mutual funds and ETFs to capitalize on global market trends, whether for growth or to lower volatility or increase tax efficiency.

  • FundX managed separate accounts for individuals, retirement plans, and businesses and offered a series of FundX Upgrader Funds available through all major brokers.