Founding Date

CoinShares is the leading European alternative asset manager specializing in digital assets. Since 2014, CoinShares has been offering products and services that bridge the gap between crypto-assets and traditional financial markets. The firm is the largest and longest standing digital asset investment group in Europe and a leader in the cryptocurrency exchange traded products industry. CoinShares seeks to elevate standards and champion the potential of cryptocurrency on a global scale. The firm offers innovative, reliable products to investors seeking a convenient and trustable way to access a diverse range of digital assets.


  • CoinShares is the leading European investment company specialising in digital assets, that delivers a broad range of financial services across investment management, trading and securities.

  • Their advanced trading technology and services includes electronic trading, liquidity provisioning, lending and borrowing, as well as bespoke hedging and risk management solutions for miners, exchanges, brokers, crypto funds and more.

  • The firm is headquartered in Jersey, with offices in France, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the United States.

  • Recently, CoinShares acquired the ETF business of Valkyrie Funds, enabling it to offer digital asset or digital asset-related ETFs in the US market.


  • Physical ETPs and XBT Provider. 

CoinShares' crypto ETPs allow you to invest in cryptocurrencies via your bank or broker - just as you would with traditional stocks and ETFs.

  • Valkyrie Funds. 

Gain exposure to Bitcoin and the emerging digital asset economy through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Available to US investors only.

  • Hedge Fund Solutions. 

Their actively managed funds are meticulously steered by an expert team of seasoned traders, who harness their extensive market experience and sophisticated insights to implement a variety of dynamic strategies.

  • Ventures. 

They find, empower, and grow the new category leaders of the world's emerging digital finance ecosystem. Their team invests in cutting-edge technology pioneers with the power to transform markets.

  • Capital Markets. 

Their experienced capital markets team provide a sophisticated foundation for Exchange Traded Products, blending high-performance hedging, Delta1 arbitrage, and yield enhancement strategies.

  • Indices. 

Their robust, transparent indices span the gulf between traditional and digital asset investing covering equities, crypto and gold.