100 Women In Finance

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100 Women in Finance is a global network of professionals in the finance and alternative investment industries working together to empower women at every stage of their careers. A global industry association for professionals, the organization is committed to gender equity in finance by promoting diversity, raising visibility, and empowering women to find their personal path to success. 100WF makes connections and creates opportunities that help advance careers through peer engagement, philanthropic, and educational initiatives. Their membership comprises more than professionals in 21 locations across 3 continents.

  • 100 Women in Finance has hosted more than 600 educational events globally.

  • 100WF built a powerful network of professionals, raised over $55 million + (gross) for nonprofit organizations, held over 1,000 educational events.

  • The growing non profit organization identified three areas for collaborative efforts: Peer Engagement, Philanthropy, and Education.

  • The organization boasts more than 500 active volunteers who implement the mission across 27 locations.

100 Women in Finance in Numbers

  • 27 Locations with over 500 Volunteers

  • 250+ Events held Virtually and In-Person

  • 55+ Million Raised Through Fundraising

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