Amanda Pullinger

Amanda Pullinger

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1966 - present

Amanda Pullinger is the Chief Executive Officer of 100 Women in Finance, a global network of professionals focused on empowering women in the finance industry and inspiring the next generation of pre-career young women. In her role, Amanda leads a staff team and provides direction to more than 20,000 registered members and 500 volunteer practitioners in 27 locations across 4 continents. In addition to 100 Women in Finance, she has worked with other organizations such as the American Red Cross of Greater New York, to encourage volunteerism amongst female business leaders. Prior to joining 100WF, she was a former Principal at Aquamarine Capital where she was responsible for managing marketing, investor relations and back-office administration for two private investment funds.

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At 100WF, Amanda Pullinger:

  • Succeeded in bringing in Britain’s Prince William, Duke of Cambridge as the Patron of 100 Women in Finance (2009)

  • Welcomed The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the 100WF’s Landon Gala in (2011)

  • Announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry would all be Patrons of 100WF’s Philanthropic Initiatives beginning 2013

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