Susquehanna International Group

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Susquehanna International Group is a global leader in options trading and financial markets. Building essentially all of its own trading technology from scratch, the firm has become an innovator in high-performance, low latency trading. The firm recruits and trains traders using poker tournaments to sharpen decision-making skills, producing several award-winning traders since its inception. Susquehanna has also become a force in the trading of cryptocurrencies.



SIG is a leading participant in the derivatives marketplace, with proven expertise in options pricing, trading dynamics, market structure, and risk management. It commits capital and provides liquidity in virtually every exchange-listed option market, including commodity, equity, exchange-traded fund, index, and futures option markets. 


SIG is an active participant in the options and futures markets in all major commodities, including metals, oil and related products, natural gas, and agricultural products.


SIG is an active participant in equity and ETF markets worldwide. It trades individual equities through the use of its proprietary algorithmic trading strategies, and provides wide coverage of all major ETFs.


SIG maintains a diversified portfolio of actively traded fixed-income products, including corporate and convertible bonds, credit default swaps, and fixed-income ETFs. These trades are coupled with other interest rate hedges to maintain a low-risk portfolio that captures market inefficiencies.