Nico Cordeiro

Nico Cordeiro

Formal First Name

Nico Cordeiro is Chief Investment Officer at Strix Leviathan, a leading crypto investment management firm and quantitative crypto hedge fund. Nico has built the Strix Leviathan trading system from the ground up. He oversees all of the firm's investment activities, including research, model development, risk management, portfolio construction, and trade execution. Cordeiro has been trading the cryptocurrency markets for over 6 years and previously spearheaded a digital asset research initiative within the alternative investments research group at PitchBook Data. In addition, he co-founded Makara, a registered investment robo-advisor offering thematic crypto exposure to retail investors, which was acquired by Betterment. Prior to joining the investment ecosystem, he spent more than half a decade in the U.S. Army. He is a veteran and served in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant.

Professional Experience


  • Nico served in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2008 to 2015, where he was stationed in some of the region's most difficult and dangerous U.S. posts.

  • He served in U.S. posts such as Afghanistan’s Arghandab River Valley and Baqubah, Iraq