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Connect with clients and your employees by having your executive leadership engage in authentic conversation. Maggie Lake Media moderates and curates live events, develops strategies for executive communication, coaches people in media and public speaking. Whether it is a fireside chat, a roundtable discussion, town hall, or personal profile, let Maggie Lake Media help you get your message out in a compelling and thoughtful way.



Maggie Lake works on preparation, knowledge of equipment, presentation skills, and storytelling. Create your own program to work with senior leaders, rising talent, and employee network groups. 

Executive Communications

Maggie Lakes' years of interviewing experience helped her learn how to put people at ease, how to pull out their knowledge and message, and make it relatable to an audience. She can facilitate conversations that help executives connect with their clients and employees.


From the planning stage to technical run-throughs right up to the live event itself, Maggie Lake will help you create a dynamic experience where the speakers are engaged and the audience feels included.